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The People

The AQUA research project is a collaborative venture between three Canadian universities: McGill University (Montreal) and York University. Prior project work has included Dalhousie University (Halifax).

AQUA 2005 Team

The AQUA team is made up of the following people:

  • Investigators (professors)

    The project investigators for Aqua are Gregory Dudek and Michael Jenkin. Gregory is Director of the McGill School of Computer Science and runs the McGill University Mobile Robotics Lab. Michael runs the VGR lab at York University.

  • Project Staff

    Bir Bikram Dey and Chris Prahacs are staff ay McGill and was responsible for mechanical systems.

  • External Advisors

    Ioannis Rekleitis is a robotics specialist formerly from the Canadian Space Agency and now at McGill.

    Michelle Theberge and Professor Don Kramer and among the biologists who have worked closely with the project. Recent experiments included Dr. Katrine Turgeon as a remote science specialist.

  • Additonal Field Trials Participants (graduate students)

    Yogesh Girdhar (autonomous exploration, surprise detection), from McGill University.
    Junaed Sattar (visual servoing, visual navigation and visual human-robot interaction), from McGill University.
    Philippe Giguere (environment identification and gait characterization ), from McGill University.
    James Zacher, affiliated with York University.
    Many other students are involved.

All the faculty and staff involved have a substantial background in robotics, machine intelligence, and/or computer vision. Most of the graduate students involved have also working on other robot systems or vision projects. Dudek, Jenkin and Milios have been collaborating with one another on robotics problems since 1990 on theoretical results as well as on the ARK robot, a climbing robot, and various computer vision projects.





AQUA McGill Mobile Robotics Lab