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Pool Trial
  • Are there other robots like AQUA?

    While there are other robots that swim, and others with legs, there are no large-scale robots that use legs to swim, as AQUA does.

  • How deep can it go?

    Recent versions of Aqua-family robots were designed to withstand the pressure up to at least 120 ft undersea. It has been tested in water approximately 130 feet deep in the ocean trials held off the coast of Barbados in January 2007. In the initial 2004 sea trials, AQUA went down to about 21 feet. Recent versions of the robot have descended to 120 feet (37 meters) with an additonal safety margin.

  • What is the power source?

    The robot gets its power from internal removable 48 volt lithium ion batteries. In earlier tests, the robot used nickel-metal-hydride batteries.

  • Where is AQUA tested?

    AQUA is tested in the McGill swimming pool. Real-world trials have been held on an annual basis on a coral reef environment at the Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados for the last few years. Fall of 2005 saw AQUA exploring the Atlantic waters off of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, and in August, 2006 AQUA was challenged by the silty waters of Lac Ouareau in the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal. The next sea trial is scheduled for January 2008.





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